Pre Listing Inspections – Defer 70% of the Cost

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A Pre-Listing Inspection is one of the many things that a seller can do to make their home not only sell faster, but to gain the trust of potential buyers and their agents. Simply put, it is the same as a regular home buyer’s inspection except the the seller has an inspection done on their home before the buyer makes an offer. A Pre Listing Inspection is the same as a Buyers Home Inspection.

Traditionally the buyer has the home inspected during a real estate transaction, however it is becoming more and more common for sellers to have an inspection before there is an offer. Below are several reasons why homeowners are getting pre-listing inspections.

Pre-Listing Inspection Benefits

  1. Better understand the condition of the Home
  2. Ability to do repairs in advance to get a better price
  3. Sell the home faster and for more with increased traffic and showings
  4. Gain credibility and trust with the buyer and buyers agent
  5. Make Agent’s job easier

Share The Report Online in the Listing and Marketing

Share the report online and if there are updates or repairs are made online updates automatically, no need to relink or resubmit the URL. Our reports are updated and the link remains the same

Terms:: $75 fee for program, pay 30% upfront, balance at closing, credit card on-file will be charged in 90
days unless closing is scheduled, or payment of the balance is due at closing if sooner than 90 days.

Example: Inspection $449, Program Fee $75 = $524 total, $524 * 0.3 = $157.20 Collected upfront. If
Radon, Mold, other items are included they are added to the top-line $524 then * 0.3