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406 Home InspectionDefinition:

A home inspection is a visual examination of a home’s physical structure and systems to identify any potential problems or areas of concern. It is typically performed by a licensed home inspector and is a valuable part of the home buying process.

What does a home inspector look for?

Home inspectors will look for a variety of things, including:

  • Structural integrity: The inspector will check for any signs of damage to the home’s foundation, walls, roof, and other structural components.
  • Major systems: The inspector will also check the condition of the home’s heating and cooling system, plumbing system, electrical system, and appliances.
  • Safety hazards: The inspector will look for any potential safety hazards, such as tripped breakers, faulty wiring, or loose railings.
  • General condition: The inspector will also assess the overall condition of the home, including the roof, siding, windows, doors, and interior finishes.

What is not included in a home inspection?

Home inspections are not comprehensive and do not cover everything. For example, home inspectors will not typically inspect for:

Things that are not part of a general Home Inspection but should be considered are.

  • Mold Air Testing, Optional: if your inspector is certified and has specialized equipment to test the air (we do). You should ask about adding this to the inspection.
  • Radon Optional: Radon is a naturally-occurring radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer. Radon gas is inert, colorless and odorless. Radon is naturally in the atmosphere in trace amounts. It can get trapped in homes but can be mitigated. Most people ad this in areas where Radon is likely to be a problem (NW Montana is such a place) EPA Complete Definition
  • Drinking Water Quality Optional: This is required for many types of loans and can effect the health of people living in the building.
  • Well Water System Inspection, Optional: Pumps, Pressure Tanks, Regulators, and other safety/performance components.  This can also be added to a home inspection if your inspector is certified and has the expertise

What to do after the home inspection

Once the home inspection is complete, the inspector will give you a written report that outlines their findings. The report will typically include a list of any problems or areas of concern. You should review the report carefully and discuss any questions or concerns you have with your inspector and Real Estate Agent

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